Testimonials for Linda Stephens Fitness, Darien, CT

These testimonials represent a meaningful, life-transforming victory for Linda Stephens Fitness clients.

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testimonials-linda-stephens-figure-competition-training-posing-bodybuilding-womens-diet-darien-ct-portrait-shotThese testimonials represent a meaningful, life-transforming victory for my clients. This is what inspires me in carrying out...

...the primary mission of Linda Stephens Fitness:

To see my clients experience their best health ever, and the benefits that naturally follow.



"For my Birthday I had asked my husband for a personal trainer to help me become more comfortable with gym equipment and help me lose weight. My husband asked a friend of his at the gym for a referral and he recommended Linda. Not only would Linda become my trainer for over a year but she became a life coach and friend.

Linda has helped me not only gain control of my weight but my nutrition as well. When I first started to train with Linda she immediately told me that exercise was extremely important but eating healthy was a huge factor in weight loss. Linda taught me how eating clean would not only improve my waistline but my overall well-being.

Training with Linda is like being at a gym with no one else- she keeps you focused, determined, and encouraged. Through my highs and lows of weight loss I never felt judged or pressured from her.

I now have a much better knowledge and of gym equipment as well as my nutrition and I have Linda Stephens to thank for that. You can't ask for a better trainer than Linda or a better friend."

- Lauren Gold



"A co-worker referred me to Linda because of my eating disorder. He knew Linda would be able to guide me in the right direction. I needed to get help and to feel healthy again. I wanted to have a different look at the gym. I LOVE training with Linda! I'm happy to say we've become good friends. She's more than just a trainer that I see twice a week. I love the way I look and feel now. I've built muscle size and have shape and definition. I never thought I would ever say this but I enjoy and love healthy eating. Linda is awesome with guiding me through my eating and workouts. We text each other on daily basis and I know if I need her she is a text away. I would definitely recommended Linda to anyone that wants to change their body. Linda's appearance and attitude towards working out and healthy eating will help you to reach your goals. Linda keeps me motivated every time I workout. If I have one of those days when I don't feel like working out I just say, ' I want to look like Linda', and that's what motivates me."

-Anna F.



"I have to tell you how much fun my sister had last night she LOVED you and she LOVED Erika!!! She kept asking me when can we go back to Linda's! I am always looking for fun things do with her to bond more and if we can get some physical activity in there even better!

Thanks so much I can't wait to bring her back she will prob come next week! I am hoping to get her excited about working out! I think you did it!!

-LOL Lauren



"This past Friday I worked out under Linda Stephen's watchful eye and guidance at a gym in Darien. I look for a few traits in a fitness instructor like knowledge, attention to details and attitude. Not only did Linda have those qualities--she also listens, which is huge in my book. She asked lots of questions like, "What are your goals?" "What concerns you?"

As a sales coach, I spend a lot of time trying to please everyone else. But today, I took the time to invest in myself with Linda's help. That was really worthwhile. I'm always telling my business clients, "If you're not proactive, you're dead before you know it." Today, thanks to Linda Stephens, I was able to practice being proactive regarding one of my most valuable assets--my own health."
-Bret Dunbar,
Sales Coach, Sandler Training



Amazing Results!



"My name is Jaqueline. I decided to workout with Linda to get stronger to finish a triathlon and lose weight. The results were amazing. I finished two triathlons. My muscles are more toned and I feel stronger. She is very good at determining what your needs are and designing a specific program to acomplish your goals. I highly recomend working out with Linda. You will achive amazing results."

- Jacqueline D.



"Thanks for the advice you gave me. Things have finally changed for me. Plateau is gone. I've lost 6 more pounds & have definitely gotten stronger. Happy eating clean and actually enjoy and crave the healthy version of things I make."

-Kim P.



"So proud of you girlfriend!!!!!! You are hands down the greatest inspiration and example of a healthy positive attitude for life and fitness!!!! You walk the walk and are always selflessly helping others! Thanks for being such a great friend, motivator and inspiration.....love ya girl!!!!!!!"

-Stephanie K.



During the past year and a half I have been working with Linda Stephens in an aerobic strength class twice a week. I had originally joined the class because it was convenient to where I work, and I was looking for a way get in better shape.

What the class has provided me has been life changing. In the first year I lost 25 lbs, and have maintained an even weight ever since. My muscle tone and definition have greatly improved, as has my total body flexibility. Linda has shown me how to exercise and diet more effectively to achieve results, and has motivated me to reach for higher goals with all I do.

I highly recommend Linda to anyone looking for a personal trainer, she will help you reach your goals.

-Jeff Long



I love, love Linda...for me she has been the most effective trainer I have ever had. I am not a gym person and I have really been motivated to go to her boot camp classes and even try the personal training. I have lost weight, body fat and feel better than ever. Linda is down to earth, fun to train with and her workouts are extremely challenging. Better yet, you can see and feel the results. I would highly recommend Linda Stephens as personal trainer.

-Heather Hilleman



"I’ve been coming to Infinity Fitness for a year and a half and have seen great results. Then I started personal training with Linda and have seen amazing results! Linda is so knowledgeable, motivating, and enthusiastic about what she does. I feel stronger, look more toned and lean, and feel better overall.

Thank you Linda!"

-Elaine Falkenberg, Realtor