Figure Competition Clients

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Figure Competition Clients


figure-client-001aNicole Quail, 1st Place Bikini Class B


NPC East Coast Cup, New Haven, CT, October 20th, 2012


Nicole, a nursing student, found my website in late Spring, 2012, and gave me a call. Initially she wanted to compete in a bikini contest about six weeks out. We decided her best opportunity would be a Fall 2012 competition.

We began a 16-week training and dieting program targeting the NPC East Coast Cup. In particular, we focused on weight loss and lower body training. As Nicole had no prior posing experience, we worked together to create a winning posing strategy.

Nicole proved to be an ideal candidate due to her enthusiasm and inner motivation which led her to follow our contest preparation plan conscientiously. Her enthusiasm increased as she began seeing results.

figure-client-001bOn the day of the competition, we met before pre-judging, and stayed together throughout the day through check-in, registration, pre-judging, and through the night show. We performed touch-ups through the day (make-up, tan) and took photos.

After the prejudging, based on what I was seeing, I was able to express to Nicole my confidence that she would take first place in her height class. But during the final line-up when the results were announced, I screamed like a proud moma!






Figure Competition Clients


figure-client-001cIf you're going to compete, why not
give yourself the best chance to win?

One of the unique features of working with Linda Stephens is that she customizes her approach to fit the goals and needs of each of her clients.


Typical Workout Plan & Diet Plan, 12 weeks

  • Initial Consultation and Assessment Session
  • Customized Plan
  • Evaluation and Update Monthly
  • Weekly check-in phone call
  • Email access as needed

Total: Up to 20 hours Individual Consultation


Typical Training Program:


30min Figure Posing/Walking Practices

Individual Presentation

Group Comparison Poses

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