Figure Competition History

View Linda Stephens' past figure competition standings.

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Figure Competition Standings


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2013-npc-hudson-valley-championship-linda-stephens2013 NPC Hudson Valley Bodybuilding Fitness, Figure, Bikini, Women's Physique & Men's Physique Champoinships, Tarrytown, NY


1st Place Champion!










August 31, 2012 IFBB North American Championships

  • Figure Class E (17th of 35)
  • Figure Masters Class E (10th of 20)

Although my trainer wanted me to officially go into off season after Masters Nationals, Gary Udit gave me some positive feedback, and so I decided to take the five weeks after Masters Nationals, make some changes and compete one additional time this season. I placed in the top 10 in this international competition and happily marched officially into my off season.

From my initial preparation for this season's first competition to the end of the season, I had remained in figure competition conditioning (diet prep) for a good five months! My body, mind and emotions were ready for off season!! I walked off stage, put on my sweats, and texted my husband to get 2 bags of M&Ms, which tasted astonishingly good that day!

gary-udit-figure-competitions-schedule-linda-stephens-figure-competition-training-posing-bodybuilding-womens-diet-darien-ct-portrait-shotJuly 21st, 2012 Masters Nationals, Pittsburgh, PA



Masters 35+ Class E (13th of 30)


I really appreciated how much hard work goes into preparing for a completition. I took the pressure off myself and enjoyed the experience, making some life-long friendships and valuable strategic business contacts.







bev-francis-powerhouse-gym-linda-stephens-figure-competition-training-posing-bodybuilding-womens-diet-darien-ctJuly 6 & 7th, 2012 Team Universe, Teaneck, NJ


Figure Open

            • Class E (16th of 30)
            • Masters 35+ (14th of 30)

            This one pulled my head out of the clouds and brought me back down to earth after the NPC Hudson Valley victory. I began to realize that the Pro Card was a much bigger challenge than I'd anticipated.






arnold-amature-figure-competition-2011-linda-stephens-figure-competition-training-posing-bodybuilding-womens-diet-darien-ct2012 NPC Hudson Valley Bodybuilding Fitness, Figure, Bikini, Women's Physique & Men's Physique Champoinships, Tarrytown, NY


Linda Achieved 1st Place All 3 Categories!

  • Figure Open
  • Figure Masters
  • Overall Competition Winner

I was extremely surprised and excited to win the overall competition in this show! This started my season off pumped and ready to win my pro card!








jen-hendershotts-npc-all-womens-weekend-2011-linda-stephens-figure-competition-training-posing-bodybuilding-womens-diet-darien2011 Jen Hendershott's NPC All Women's Weekend

3rd Figure Open

2nd Figure Masters










Figure Competition Standings (cont.)


(See Links Page for Upcoming Competition Schedules)

ifbb-north-american-nationals -2011-linda-stephens-figure-competition-training-posing-bodybuilding-womens-diet-darien-ct2011 IFBB North American Nationals – Pro Qualifier

8th Figure Open

9th Figure Masters










arnold-amature-figure-competition-2011-linda-stephens-figure-competition-training-posing-bodybuilding-womens-diet-darien-ct2011 Arnold Sports Festival Amateur Figure

4th Place Masters Figure










npc-golds-classic-figure-competition-toms-river-nj-2010-linda-stephens-figure-competition-training-posing-bodybuilding-womens-diet-darien-ct2010 NPC Gold's Classic, Toms River, NJ

1st Place Figure C

1st Place Masters










2010 NPC Empire States, White Plains, NY

1st Place Figure B

1st Place Masters Overall Winner









inbf-national-ct-figure-competition-4-11-2012-linda-stephens-figure-competition-training-posing-bodybuilding-womens-diet-darien-ct2010 INBF Natural Connecticut, New Haven, CT

2nd Place Figure C

2nd Place Masters Figure








npc-bev-francis-atlantic-states-tribeca-ny-2010-linda-stephens-figure-competition-training-posing-bodybuilding-womens-diet-darien-ct2010 NPC Bev Francis Atlantic States, Tribeca, NY

2nd Place Novice

6th Place Masters Figure




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