Nutritional Consulting by Linda Stephens Fitness, Darien, CT

Linda Stephens' meal plans are simple and easy to follow, designed specifically for you with foods you like.

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How Figure Competition Ready are you?

Assessment includes:

  • Current conditioning (baseline)
  • Current activity assessment
  • Goal requirements
  • Basic plan

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Nutritional Consulting Services


nutritional-consulting-linda-stephens-figure-competition-training-posing-bodybuilding-womens-diet-darien-ctTired of diets? There's another, far better way.

In the world we live in today the food industry is not our friend. It can be very confusing trying to follow the RDA standards given that most of their information is out dated or just not individualized to what YOUR needs are.

Many people ask me if they can eat carbohydrates or if they should be avoided all together. Another question is "can I eat eggs or will they give me high cholesterol?"

When we sit down to discuss what YOUR individual nutritional needs may be, we'll address the many questions you have regarding food choices, vitamins & supplements. I'll have you initially keep a food log for me so that I can see exactly what you are consuming during the week and on the weekends.

I promise you my meal plans are simple and easy to follow. It will be designed specifically for you with foods you like.

I'm elated to announce that I've completed my Masters Degree in Clinical Nutrition at the University of Bridgeport, Bridgeport, CT!

This gives me the ability to:

  • Add qualified professional nutritional counseling to my fitness sessions
  • Valuable cutting edge nutritional knowledge and support
  • Customize a nutritional and supplement plan for overall health and wellness



A Lifestyle Change, Not a Diet


nutritional-consulting-linda-stephens-figure-competition-training-posing-bodybuilding-womens-diet-darien-ctYour new lifestyle will include having more energy, a better disposition and a positive feeling that will spill over into every avenue of your life.

Allow me to help you take that step towards a more rewarding life.

It's NEVER too late to reinvent yourself!!




There are no shortcuts to anywhere worth going.