2012 Team Universe

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2012 Masters Nationals

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2012 Competition Reflections

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2012 NPC Hudson Valley

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Summer Competitions Intro

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linda-stephens-figure-competition-training-posing-bodybuilding-womens-diet-darien-ctWelcome to Linda Stephens Fitness!

I look forward to helping you achieve your highest level of health and wellness.

A native of Natick, Massachusetts now residing in Fairfield County, Connecticut with my husband and two children, I initially had planned on doing only one figure competition just to get into fantastic shape and have pictures of myself on stage. My reasoning, so that one day I could look back and say I did something totally out of the box! Well, after taking 2nd place in my first show I had been bitten by the bug.

I discovered so many valuable benefits of figure competition:

  • Creation of a very clear and meaningful health goal
  • An opportunity to face and overcome internal and external barriers
  • Discovery of a community of health-conscious people, many of whom became life friends
  • New self-confidence and the ability to stand before an audience
  • The happy expectation that there’s always another opportunity on the horizon

Whether you’re considering figure competition or any other objective…

What goal in life would not be easier to achieve
and more enjoyable with better health?

My Approach to Personal Fitness, Nutrition and Competition Training:

  • Fully customized to YOUR unique situation
  • Sensitive to your feelings and needs
  • Motivational — everyone needs a cheer leader
  • Designed not only to meet your current health goals, but also to attain sustainable results

Enjoy browsing this site, where you’ll find
inspiration and resources dedicated to your best health!

Personal Training
Nutritional Consulting
Contest Coaching
Health and Training Resources
Competition News
Inspirational Photo Gallery
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Free Consultation

What’s necessary to attain your fitness goal?


The answer is unique to YOU. That’s why canned fitness programs often fail to bring about hoped for results. You need that special, one of a kind approach that will inspire YOU to take the regular daily actions necessary for your success. We’ll begin to discover this together.

You’ll gain clarity in how to:

  • Set an achievable “stretch” goal
  • Attain your goal
  • Get in better shape
  • Have more energy

What’s comes with the free consultation?

  • Identify and prioritize your goals
  • Measure your current conditioning (baseline)
    1. Strength Assessment
    2. Flexibility
    3. Cardiovascular Fitness level
    4. Movement Assessment (technique, efficiency)
    5. Body Fat
    6. Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Assess your current activity (what are you doing now?)
  • Determine what’s necessary to attain your goal
  • Create a plan

Fitness Consultation Benefits:


  • A clear, specific, measurable, attainable fitness goal
  • Knowledge how to attain your fitness goal
  • A better idea of your current fitness condition in 6 key areas
  • New self confidence


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personal-training-linda-stephens-figure-competition-training-posing-bodybuilding-womens-diet-darien-ctPersonal Training

Linda Stephens offers personalized service in your home or hers. She’s also affiliated with two gyms within Fairfield County Connecticut if you prefer to train in a gym setting. More…

nutritional-consulting-linda-stephens-figure-competition-training-posing-bodybuilding-womens-diet-darien-ctNutritional Consulting

When we sit down to discuss what YOUR individual nutritional needs may be we’ll address the many questions you have regarding food choices, vitamins & supplements. More…

contest-coaching-linda-stephens-figure-competition-training-posing-bodybuilding-womens-diet-darien-ctContest Coaching

If your dream is to train hard, diet and work towards the big stage let me help you achieve that dream! More…


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Figure Competitions

arnold-amature-figure-competition-2011-linda-stephens-figure-competition-training-posing-bodybuilding-womens-diet-darien-ctFigure Competition History

View Linda Stephens’ placement history in figure competitions.






bev-francis-powerhouse-gym-linda-stephens-figure-competition-training-posing-bodybuilding-womens-diet-darien-ctUpcoming Figure Competitions

View Upcoming Figure Competition Schedules

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articles-resources-linda-stephens-figure-competition-training-posing-bodybuilding-womens-diet-darien-ctPersonal Training Articles

Learn about reaching your fitness goals at any age, why women (not just men!) belong in the weight room, an interviewer from Rate My Arms explores Linda’s personal training and fitness secrets, and More…

Diet and Nutrition articles

You’ll be surprised to learn what common foods actually pose a health threat to children and adults, and how to create a healthier diet. More…

Competition Preparation Articles

Interviewers from Real Feats of Strength and Promoting Real Women draw competition success strategy secrets from Linda Stephens. Also, get an inside look at the mind of Linda Stephens as she prepares for figure competition. More…

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