Free Consultation

What’s necessary to attain your fitness goal?


The answer is unique to YOU. That’s why canned fitness programs often fail to bring about hoped for results. You need that special, one of a kind approach that will inspire YOU to take the regular daily actions necessary for your success. We’ll begin to discover this together.

You’ll gain clarity in how to:

  • Set an achievable “stretch” goal
  • Attain your goal
  • Get in better shape
  • Have more energy

What’s comes with the free consultation?

  • Identify and prioritize your goals
  • Measure your current conditioning (baseline)
    1. Strength Assessment
    2. Flexibility
    3. Cardiovascular Fitness level
    4. Movement Assessment (technique, efficiency)
    5. Body Fat
    6. Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Assess your current activity (what are you doing now?)
  • Determine what’s necessary to attain your goal
  • Create a plan

Fitness Consultation Benefits:


  • A clear, specific, measurable, attainable fitness goal
  • Knowledge how to attain your fitness goal
  • A better idea of your current fitness condition in 6 key areas
  • New self confidence


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